Ready to Fundraise?

At Sweet Cloud Creamery we love to be part of our local communities. Fundraising is the perfect opportunity to raise money for neighborhood kids to attend a school camping trip or sports tournament, help local charities or support local events.

If you are interested in setting up an event we donate a proportion of the sales to the cause and raise awareness for the event via our social media channels to help spread the word for your worthy cause.

Fill out the fundraiser agreement, email to contactus@sweetcloudcreamery.com and we’ll set up the perfect day for your fundraising event!

Contact us with questions and please fill out form below!

Latest Fundraisers

Our Chula Vista location is ready to help you raise some FUNds

Sweet Cloud Creamery: Small batch craft ice cream store in Chula Vista, California.

Our signature recipe is a hybrid between gelato & traditional American ice cream – all the creaminess, texture, & less sugar we associate with gelato, with slightly more firmness Read more…