Ready to join our Sweet Cloud Creamery Team?  We look forward to learning more about you!  Please take a few moments to read our expectations and needs below and then fill out your application.  We will get back to you as positions become available!

Here Is What We Are Looking For.
We expect our team members to be courteous and friendly – every customer gets a smile and a welcome. We want our customers to feel great about every visit, and our team is a huge part of making that experience happen. We want you to have fun at work, but at the same time we expect you to treat everyone, especially your team mates, with professionalism and respect.

Working in an ice-cream shop looks like fun from the outside, and it can and will be – but it’s also hard work!

Customers can be demanding, there is lots of pressure and you have to work when other friends may be out having fun. You have to be willing to pick up trash, clean utensils, floors, tables etc.

Please use the application link below to tell us a little bit more about yourself, and why you would like to work with us at Sweet Cloud Creamery. Remember you are not going to be working in the food industry but also the entertainment industry.
(It doesn’t need to be an essay – just a few lines )

As much as we’d like to allow everyone to work whenever is most convenient for them, the reality of our business is that most of our customer traffic occurs after 6pm and on the weekends, especially weekend nights. So those are the important times we would need you to work to ensure that our customers get the great service they expect.

School and Family comes first – If you have certain school or family commitments, we will be as flexible as possible in scheduling shifts around this – in return we ask that you be flexible with us.

We have a limited number of shifts per afternoon but we try to distribute these shifts equally so that everyone who wants to, gets a fair chance to work these less hectic shifts. A job requirement is that you are able to work at least one day on the weekends (Friday/Saturday night shift).

Within reason the odd weekend missed is understandable providing you let us know at least a few weeks in advance.

If you cannot commit to this please do not apply.