Sweet Cloud Creamery is a small batch craft ice cream store located in San Diego County: Chula Vista, CALIFORNIA.

Our signature recipe is a hybrid between gelato and traditional American ice cream, carefully crafted by our expert Italian Ice Cream Chef. Fresh, Italian ingredients are incorporated to create unforgettable flavors. 

Sweet Cloud Creamery’s handcrafted ice cream has lots of texture, full bodied flavor and we use less sugar than your traditional American ice cream.

Our unique Signature chocolate base uses Cadbury’s Chocolate melted in at pasteurization – it tastes like a frozen chocolate bar. 

We even make incredible Vegan ice cream and cakes, with our Signature Rice Milk recipe, using everything we put in our signature base – all the taste…none of the dairy!

Using liquid nitrogen allows us to make 5 scoops of handcrafted ice cream in each batch, made fresh daily. Our ice cream never sees the inside of a deep freezer. Instead, each batch goes straight from being made into our dipping cabinet, held at eating temperature. This keeps the full texture, freshness and flavor – IT’S ICE CREAM AS IT SHOULD BE!

Liven up your birthday, wedding, party or your brand using our tasty craft ice cream or ice cream cakes. Customize your ice cream or ice cream cakes to match your event. (Vegan Options Available for both the custom ice creams and for custom ice cream cakes)

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